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Jessie - 20 Mayo 20:03

PUBLICIDAD EFECTIVA—MAS LLAMADAS Ofrecemos tus anuncios con cambios de portada frecuentes y textos optimizados para que recibas más llamadas y mas cli

Preas - 13 Julio 04:27

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Reibert - 13 Marzo 13:58

Now thats the wife we all want !

Ingmire - 15 Enero 15:19

How do I get over being unable to talk about what I want in bed? I am so quiet and I just can't seem to tell my partner what I want.

Hoxsie - 9 Augusto 11:28

What a lot of people are saying is that the labels actally in question in this discussion are a haven of community to people who generally grow up feeling fairly dispossessed. That community gives a center in just having something to belong to. Not allowing people who don't share that experience into that label doesn't mean we don't talk to them or trust them, it is just good to have a place that isn't theirs. The label can literally be all that is and still be a comfort.

Delaremore - 8 Enero 06:18

I just got head yesterday omg it was so embarrassing because I orgasmed super quick lol

Rohan - 7 Augusto 15:41

In both junior high school and high school we had segments of health class (mandatory for every student devoted to sex ed. In junior high, I had the most amazing teacher who taught us the COMPLETE anatomy (she even played reveal music when putting up large diagrams of various genitalia), along with information on condoms, and some information on STDs. In high school, we went extensively into birth control methods, STDs, and had several classes devoted to watching videos on how to be supportive of the LGBT community. Maine FTW!

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