Putas negras en Ruiz

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Tyrell - 12 Junio 19:29

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Zeuner - 28 Augusto 18:12

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Menton - 1 Octubre 17:49

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Torruellas - 19 Diciembre 22:50

I think it has to do a bit with sexism. Men are supposed to have many conquests, so if they need their own devices then people think they aren't doing their thing as a man. Women are supposed to have less sexual partners, so it is okay if they use vibrators, at least they aren't going out to get it! Very stupid, I know.

Nicholas - 29 Noviembre 18:51

the 2 young ones think her tits are sea shells , but they were enjoyable in their 1st lesbian act.

Ozell - 14 Junio 20:20

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Shawn - 14 Mayo 03:47

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